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Are you passionate about making a meaningful impact on the lives of students? Join our team and play a pivotal role in providing high-quality therapy services to students with diverse needs. 

Join us in our mission to empower students, helping them unlock their full potential and create a lasting impact on their educational journey. Don't miss this opportunity to be a valued member of our dynamic team of dedicated professionals! 


  • Deliver direct speech therapy services tailored to meet students' Individualized Education Program (IEP) and service goals.

  •  Conduct thorough evaluations as part of Special Education service determinations, ensuring comprehensive understanding of each student's unique needs.

  • Maintain accurate progress monitoring documentation, including daily SOAP notes and quarterly progress reports, to track student development effectively utilizing FERPA and HIPAA compliance.

  • Maintain precise and accurate documentation of billable time.

  • Collaborate as an integral member of the IEP team, actively participating in meetings and ensuring compliance with federal, state, and school guidelines through timely paperwork submissions.



  • Valid State Professional License, demonstrating expertise in the field and compliance with local regulations; willingness to pursue licensure in additional states as required.

  • One year of school-based experience, including completion of the Clinical Fellowship Year, or two years of clinical experience, including completion of the Clinical Fellowship Year, delivering therapy and evaluation services.

  • Demonstrate strong communication and relationship-building skills.

  • Availability of a minimum of 10 hours during daytime hours to accommodate student needs effectively.  


Required Skills: 

  • Self-motivated and passionate about making a positive difference in students' lives through effective therapy interventions.

  • Proven history of exceptional communication skills, enabling collaborative work within interdisciplinary teams and with support staff.

  • Strong organizational abilities, adept at problem-solving and time management to meet the diverse needs of students efficiently.

  • Proven history of proficiency in technology, including the ability to learn new software and complete digital paperwork requirements, facilitating seamless communication and documentation processes.

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