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Experience Therapists.
Astounding Results.

The shortage of OTs, PTs and SLPs has made it difficult for schools to meet the needs of their students. With the increase of disorders in communication,
sensory processing, fine/gross motor, and visual impairments related
to developmental disorders, autism and other medical and intellectual
disabilities, the supply of therapists can’t keep up with the demands.
High caseloads for in-person therapists, unfilled vacancies, and
short-term medical leaves, result in the need for school
administrators to contact Rock Creek Teletherapy.

We provide access to highly trained therapists who work face to face with students, from Pre-Kindergarten to 12th grade, via secure, live, online video sessions.  Rock Creek’s experienced therapists work toward their student’s IEP goals with engaging, efficient and evidenced based activities.  Our therapists provide all the same required services as on-site therapists through fully secure, HIPAA/FERPA compliant platform.   Our therapists strive to become effective team members with the staff and administration at their schools!

Why we are different?


We believe that access to quality therapists doesn’t need to break the bank.  We work with our education partners and provide options to fit their budgetary needs.


We believe in utilizing same-state therapists as much as possible. Our therapists are invested in their state and their students.  They understand the regional, cultural and dialectal differences which aides in more effective therapy.


We offer a hybrid therapy approach providing on-line treatment mixed with on-site sessions at a pre-determined amount or as needed.


Rock Creek’s administration is committed to their therapists’ success.  They work closely with the schools and are easily accessible and available daily to our administrators, teachers, parents and the facilitators that help us run our sessions.

Contact us today to learn more about our exceptional school based teletherapy program.  We want to be on your team!


Online Speech-Language, Occupational

and Physical Therapy. 

All from the convenience of your own home,

school or office.

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