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Functional & meaningful therapy allows for the greatest amount of therapeutic gain for each of our clients 

Private Therapy

Research supports that the delivery of online "home-based therapy" is as effective as clinic-based therapy, but with the added benefit of utilizing a client's natural setting.


 "Home Visits" allow us to create treatment plans that incorporate a client's home and/or work environments - places where real, functional communication takes place.

Our rehabilitation specialists evaluate and treat a variety of disorders.  Online sessions allow you to see your therapist face to face through your computer, iPad/tablet, smart phone, etc.


Our appointments are flexible. We have day or evening appointments available for our clients' convenience.

OT Services include:

  • Gross Motor Coordination

  • Self- Care

  • Visual Perception and Visual Motor

  • Sensory Processing


PT Services include:

  • Gross Motor Skills

  • Strengthening

  • Balance Training

  • Exercises


ST Services include:

  • Aphasia/Language Therapy

  • Dysarthria and Dysphagia Therapy

  • Cognitive Retraining

  • Voice Therapy including LSVT LOUD® 



  • Accent Reduction

  • Consultations

  • Patient and Family EducationFree Consultations


Online Speech-Language, Occupational

and Physical Therapy. 

All from the convenience of your own home,

school or office.

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